In the Beginning....


Individual & family portraits, 

engagements, college graduation and senior pictures.

Digital Art

Fine Art Photography

Sometimes a photo calls for some added magic. Occasionally, you'll find some old fashioned art here, as well.

Horses, Horses  &  More Horses!

From the time I could point, my mom said I was excitedly pointing at horses. I've loved them my entire life and had my own horses most of my life, but am often photographing horses at events or in pastures.

Birds and Nature

Always an amateur bird watcher, I didn't get serious about it until I dove into photography, when I could zoom in on their beauty and fascinating personalities. My nature photography includes wildlife, landscapes and flora.

A Bit of an Artist​
Both of my parents painted and they encouraged all of us children to develop our creative talents. Often, I do my "painting" in Photoshop, but occasionally, you'll see a drawing or painting by me completed with real pencils and brushes. 

My View of the World

Online ordering, personal and group exhibits and an occasional arts & crafts show.

I was in what appeared to be the ruins of Bethlehem, high on a hillside, with old wooden benches nearby and a multitude of missing rocks in what was left of both the interior and exterior walls. Vines grew from outside the ruins to the inside and the mostly dirt floor was quiet beneath my feet. As quiet as anything I had ever experienced. Looking toward the sky, where the roof once was, I felt a strong presence of Jesus.

My father was standing beside me and he seemed very concerned. He didn't like that my job had taken over my life and he advised me to re-discover my creative side in order to truly be happy.

Displayed on the benches were numerous cameras, with detachable lenses, and he told me I could have my pick of any one of them. 

When I woke from the dream, I knew I would immediately start saving my pennies for a good camera.

Less than three weeks later, my dad passed away.

It took years before I had my first good camera, but I used a relative's point-n-shoot digital camera to take this photo of my horses early one morning and I was instantly hooked. I call it  Rays From Heaven. 


     ...there was a dream.

Photography & Art

Created by Jenny Gandert